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Therese Tiedemann offers

Professional Organizing and Productivity Service


Do you feel overwhelmed with the accumulation of clutter in your home? Can you feel the negative effect it has on you and your family? You are not alone.


Therese can help you to reach your goal and create organization in your home, office and life. Whether you are looking for home organizing solutions, increased productivity, planning for a move or are going through a life transition, Therese and her team  are here to help. 

Therese provides organizing and coaching services for individuals, families, students, seniors and adults with ADHD and/or compulsive behavior disorder. Our approach is to be calm, supportive and relaxed at all times, creating a comfortable and stress-free environment during the session. We work at your own pace, and realize your time is limited.

Our Mission

Teaching you how to achive and maintain a life with less physical and mental clutter. To help you to see the benefit of organizing every aspect in your life and how it creates more harmony and balance for you.

Our Organizing Philosophy

Therese believes that being organized is not a personality trait, but a matter of learned habit and established support systems. We thrive on supporting our clients, and we relish in the process of seeing change in action. We see endless possibilities and foster the pursuit of success, happiness and satisfaction for each individual client. We are compassionate and understanding of the emotions that organizing can bring forward. We love to observe and understand individual struggles while providing wise solutions and effective strategies.Our goal is to provide you with a judgement-free experience, where the organizer allows you to determine your own readiness to tackle a project. We start with small steps in manageable chunks, and go from there.


Making the decision to hire an organizer is a step towards self-advocacy and mindful change. We will respect your home and your process, and provide compassionate listening and thoughtful questions to help you on this journey. Everyone deserves to feel peaceful in their own home. Therese is there to help you achieve that peace. 

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