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"Getting organized" the first step is the hardest

It isn’t easy to get started. The first step in getting organized is probably the hardest. We are often in denial to admit to our self that we need outside help. We think to get organized is something we should be able to do ourselves.

Many thoughts may be running through our heads, such as;

“I feel so ashamed that I have let it come that far.”

“Why can’t I just keep it tidy like all other people?”

“I suck at this.”

“I don’t want anybody ever to see this.”

“I hate to live here. I never get this done.”

“I don’t even know where to get started….“

Those are thoughts which run in our head all day and hold you back from improving your life. Those thoughts aren’t helpful as they attack our self-confidence and make us want to hide from the outside world. You are aware that if you don’t stop that cycle it will just get worse. But because you feel so ashamed to let anyone see your place you don’t get the help you need.

We grow up parents telling us, clean up your room. But they might have only told us to do it and not actually taught us how. No one thought us how to purge things, instead there were just those comments all the time. “This is such a mess, you have way to much stuff! Can’t you ever clean your room? You are so messy!” That’s when the seeds got planted in our head. We started to believe that we are like that and eventually it became our reality. Our parents didn’t mean to do us any harm. It is what they learned from their parents.

In previous generations it was also typical that we would save things for our kids. They collected special memorable from grandparents like clothing, toys, furniture’s, china and silverware, pictures etc. Those items meant a lot to your parents so they saved them all these years for you. Now they mean a lot to you and you feel you can’t get rid of them even though you don’t have any space for it. If parent are still alive it might even be harder to let go. It means a lot to them to know that you keep those treasures. They might ask you, “do you still have it?” We like to avoid those confrontations because we don’t want to hurt their feelings and that’s why we just hold on to it.

It is time to take control of your own life and break this cycle. A professional organizer will listen to you with no judgment and help you to make difficult decisions. They will help you feel less overwhelmed and also help you realize that there isn’t anything wrong with you. You are perfect the way you are! People take all kind of classes to improve their live. It is time to take classes in getting organized. Working on a big giant pile of clothes is more fun if you are not alone with your thoughts. Try it with help of a professional organizer. The first step is the hardest make that call. Are you ready to make a change?

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