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Blow away the Christmas stress

Every year people tell me how stressful Christmas season is. It really doesn’t have to be and it shouldn’t! It’s a time to enjoy family and cuddle up. Make it simpler for you and follow these 5 Tips.

Get a head start

A good plan can take a lot of the stress away. Start by writing down everything that comes on your mind regarding your Christmas. I like to do that in my Bullet journal, that way I can easily go back to it next year. Then break it down in categories, I take notes on when I want to be done with each to do and how long it probably will take me. Then I open my calendar and schedule time for each activity. Plan some extra time for the unknown.

Don’t do it all

Look at your list and ask yourself for each task “what would be if I just let this one go.” We often want to do way more than we realistically can accomplish. This creates a lot of unnecessary stress. You will find that if you try not to do it all the season is going to be much more enjoyable.

Make space

This is a great time to put donation boxes up all over the house, I have one in each closet and one in the garage. Let go of the things that you no longer need and love. Especially Kids toys, did they grow out of it? Are they broken? Make space for all ne new treasures that will enter your home.

Shop online and do it early

I love this, it makes Christmas shopping so much easier. Shopping can be stressful all by itself, but during Christmas season it’s even more hideous. There are so many more peoples at the stores. Which to me adds additional stress I don’t need. That’s why I do as much shopping as I can online and I do it as soon as possible, that way I have time to return it if I need to.

Get the help you need

Don’t do it all yourself. Do you want to make Christmas cookies? Get together with some friends and share the work or plan a cookie exchange. Did you know that there are services who offer gift wrapping? Preorder food from your favorite deli. Have the family help decorating the house. It might be not as perfect as you like it but it will be a fun family activity you can enjoy together.

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