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About Therese

My name is Therese Tiedemann I started my Organizing Business in 2017 in Portland OR. In 2020 we moved for two years to Switzerland where my roots are.I continuing to helping people bring order back into their life. In 2022 we moved to Astoria OR.


When My Passion for Organizing Became a Lifestyle


​Though I have always loved to organize, before I had my two children I would have described myself as a chronically disorganized person. After years of frustration, I knew I had to improve my lifestyle for the better. I started decluttering my home one room at the time. The more I decluttered, the more liberating it felt to me. Suddenly, there was more room in my mind as well, which brought freedom and balance. Since then, organizing has become a passion for me.

I feel to be a Professional Organizer is my purpose and brought so much meaning into my life . I so enjoy helping my clients to organize and create relaxing spaces for them, so that they can experience the joys of an organized home as I have done. I love seeing people’s faces and witnessing their happy and excited reactions when their tidied and organized spaces are revealed. 


I completed National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) specialist certificates in Life Transitions, Residential Organizing, and Workplace Productivity. Through Institude for challenging Disorganization I have completed Certificate of Study in Level I Chronic Disorganization, Certificate of Study in Level I ADHD, Certificate of Study in Level I Needs of the Aging Client, Certificate of Study in Level I Understanding Hoarding Behavior

Through the Coach Approach for Organizers program from Denslow Brown I have completed Coaching Essentials and Strength Based Coaching.

I value family and friends, spending time in nature, planting my own veggetables, learning more about the medical benifit of wild edible plants. I practice daily to be mindful , living in the moment and grow spiritualy. Knowing that the Lord is guiding me along the way.

Code of ethics

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