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What to expect

Therese offers a free 1-hour consultation at your home. This allows us to meet and gives us a better understanding of the project and your needs. This is a also great time for you to ask questions and make sure you feel good about working with us too!


Organizing sessions are scheduled in blocks of 3 hours minimum. This allows us the time we need to create change and keep your project moving forward.


  • A 3-hour on-site session is $260.

  • A 4-hour on-site session is $330.

  • A 6 hours on-site session is $485. (6.5 hours are scheduled to include a 30-minute, unpaid lunch break).

  • We value spending time with our families too, therefore, we charge a higher rate for weekend appointments. This rate is  $116 per hour, per organizer.

  • A 1-hour Virtual session is $88 or $420 for a 5h package. Package needs to be used whitin a 2 month period.

Each on-site session includes basic materials, boxes, and bags for donations. We will take one carload of donations to one convenient location after the session, and send you a donation receipt if desired. This service is included at no extra cost to you.

If you require additional services, such as organizing product purchases, additional donations, disposal of trash and recycling, we are happy to do that at the rate of $88 per hour and organizer . If desired, Therese is pleased to provide referrals for junk hauling, shredding, consignment, and recycling. 


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