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My name is Therese Tiedemann, and I am the founder of Tidy Solutions. I was born and raised in Switzerland. In 2008, I was married and moved to Portland. 

My Organizing Roots


In Switzerland, I worked for 10 years as a technical electronic engineer for a great company which gave me the opportunity to work in China and Vietnam. It was a very exciting experience. I participated in setting up a production line for hearing aids and FM-products. I was trainer of operators in production and had a major role in assisting with organizing furniture, tools and testing equipment.

I always loved to organize cluttered spaces. Some of my favorite childhood memories are in my grandfather’s workshop. He had so much stuff! To me it looked like total chaos and I badly wanted to tidy up and sort it all. He sometimes allowed me a little space where I could sort out things for him.


Growing older I learned that he wasn't disorganized at all, in fact he was very organized. He always found exactly what he needed. From him I learned an important lesson. A cluttered place doesn't necessary mean that person is disorganized! You are only disorganized if your clutter is causing you pain: stressing you out, costing you money or preventing you from being productive and reaching your goals.

When My Passion for Organizing Became a Lifestyle


Though I have always loved to organize, before I had my two children I would have described myself as a chronically disorganized person. After years of frustration, I knew I had to improve my lifestyle for the better. I started decluttering my home one room at the time. The more I decluttered, the more liberating it felt to me. Suddenly, there was more room in my mind as well, which brought freedom and balance. Since then, organizing has become a passion for me.


I educated myself by reading books and blogs, taking online classes and doing hands-on organizing in my home and the homes of my friends and family. Learning is so important in the professional organizing world, and I am adding to my knowledge-base every day.

I have made it my mission to help you to see the benefit of organizing every aspect in your life and teach you how to maintain it.

When I see a room full of stuff I get excited - I can’t help myself! I just want to organize it. I immediately start picturing how the space could be organized and anticipate the joy it will bring. I love seeing people’s faces and witnessing their happy and excited reactions when their tidied and organized spaces are revealed. 


I so enjoy helping my clients to organize and create relaxing spaces for them, so that they can experience the joys of an organized home as I have done.

This is what I love to do.

Therese Tiedemann owne Tidy Solutions professioal Organzier
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